Crane Runways

CraneWerks crane runways can be engineered and fabricated to fit any of your crane needs. Designed to today’s CMAA standards, our crane runways are constructed to maximize the life, productivity, and most of all safety. We can provide a number of useful and easy ways to fit a crane way into your existing space. Building supported runways systems can be used when the loadings are included in the building design. This will allow for the runway girders and rails to be supported by the shelves or haunches off the building columns. However when the building’s design did not include the crane load a free standing runway structure could be used. This would take more material but would not be attached to any part of the building while being able to resist the lateral and longitudinal forces that the crane would be generating. Some additional variations of this would be knee or header braced. For buildings that have extra capacity a semi-free standing runway could be an option. This would be possible by attaching the columns and runways to the existing building. This could cut down on cost for steel and other production needs. This system would best fit the requirement for minimum floor obstruction and specified maximum hook height. On this system, a main component would a top running single or double girder bridge crane. For a crane runway system that would be unobstructed by support columns the best solution would be an overhead runway system. The runways would be attached directly to the ceiling or roof structure by bolting to the frame, trusses or hung from CraneWerks suspension rods or tubes brackets.

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Top Running Crane Runway

Designed more for the heavier lifting in the range of 20 tons or more, top running cranes are less flexible and more perplex to use. Top running crane runways are good for facilities that have low headroom, because the system moves above the runway which allows for extra headroom. A rail is installed on top of the runway beams, and the wheels ride on the rail rather than directly on the runway beams.

Workstation Free Standing Runway

The structure of stand alone workstation bridge cranes is a great fit for manufacturer.  Stand alone workstation bridge cranes do not rely on building or support column integrity. This removes the requirement for knee and other braces, which keeps the workstation free of obstruction allowing for maximum use of the work area. To learn more click here.

Header Braced Crane Runway

The runway is supported by the free standing support columns each pair tied together by a header. Header braced systems are ideal when the lowest obstruction in the building is high enough that it does not limit the hook height. This runway type is easily expandable and can handle multiple bridge crane systems. To learn more click here.

Semi Free Standing Bridge Crane

When a new or existing building has enough reserve capacity to resist the longitudinal (along the length of the crane runway) and lateral (across the width of the runway) forces, CraneWerks can attach the columns and runways to these buildings, reducing the amount of steel required to produce an overhead crane system. To learn more click here.

Semi Free Standing Top Running Bridge Crane

Knee Braced Crane Runway

Knee braced crane runways have supports that mount directly to a 6 inch concrete slab or reinforced concrete footers. These low maintenance runway crane systems offer unbeatable hook height when ample floor space is available. To learn more click here.

Knee Braced Crane Runway

Underhung Crane Runway

Generally a lot lighter than a top running system, under hung crane runways allows for more versatility usability. Underhung runways can be ceiling mounted because of being dramatically lighter. Also they have the ability to run side-by-side without interfering with one another. Another mechanical advantage that under hung crane systems have is that they can be interlocked together. By locking the adjacent ends of two cranes together an operator can transfer the load from one system to another. They can also interlock with monorails to allow for the transferring of material along a fixed path.

Free Standing Crane Runway

Braces to other support structures are not needed because the free standing design resists lateral and longitudinal forces on its own. Underhung runway systems are designed to support the stand alone workstation bridge crane from the lower flange of the runway girder. Underhung free standing bridge crane runway have the best overall hook coverage. To learn more click here.

Free Standing Underhung Runway and Bridge Crane

Ceiling Mounted Crane Runway

CraneWerks underhung ceiling mounted runways feature overhead crane runways that attach directly to the ceiling or roof structure of a building. Ceiling mounted, underhung systems are extremely versatile and can be used to easily transfer loads from one bay to another with the use of transfer switches. Underhung ceiling mounted crane runways allow for utilization of entire floor space under the crane runway as well. To learn more click here.

Ceiling Mounted Underhung Bridge Crane

Enclosed Rail Crane Runway

Enclosed rail crane runways enable you to achieve effortless and reliable area-servicing overhead handling for a wide range of applications, anywhere ergonomic, controlled and fast material transfer is important. Floor mounted systems are not a permanent part of your factory and therefore can easily be relocated in the future. The installation is often much simpler and does not apply stresses to the building roof structure.

Free Standing Enclosed Crane Runway

Free standing enclosed crane runways enable you to achieve effortless and reliable area-servicing overhead handling for a wide range of applications, anywhere ergonomic, controlled and fast material transfer is important. Consistent ease of operation over the full range of movement makes them outstanding as workstation cranes for lighter loads in manufacturing and warehouse applications and anywhere ergonomic, controlled and fast material transfer is important. To learn more click here.

Ceiling Mounted Enclosed Rail Crane Runway

Enclosed rail is lighter in weight than a standard ceiling mounted bridge crane system so it adds less crane weight to the building structure. For ceiling mounted cranes it is imperative that you seek professional advice on whether your building structure is capable of withstanding the forces generated by the workstation crane. For more info click here.