Low Headroom Bridge Cranes

Maximum Lifting Height Bridges

Three-trucked Bridge Cranes Maximum Lifting
Height Bridge Cranes are available to overcome hook height problems
inherent to standard crane designs.

Underhung double girder bridge crane with a top running hoist.

Designed with two underhung bridge beams to allow a top running trolley hoist to be utilized on an underhung bridge crane. 


Maxi Lift Underhung Bridge Crane

Underhung single girder bridge crane with coped bridge girder.
The bridge girder is designed with a special connection plate that allows the bridge beam to be tucked in between the runways. This simple design is created to allow maximum hook height with minimal expense. These overhead traveling cranes are commonly equipped with low headroom wire rope, electric chain or hand chain hoists.

Top running overhead bridge crane equipped with an underhung trolley that supports the hoist on top of the trolley. This positions the hoist high and between the two bridge girders creating the most hook height and under bridge beam clearances of any bridge crane design.

These cranes are available in push, hand-geared and motorized versions built to meet your individual requirements.

  • Top running configurations in capacities 1 Ton through 20 Ton - Up to 60' Span
  • Underhung configurations in capacities 1 Ton through 15 Ton - Up to 60' Span

Three Trucked Underhung Cranes

In addition to the above low headroom cranes, we also have underhung cranes that are constructed with three end-trucks. As the distance between runways increase the size of the bridge girder itself must increase. By adding a third runway we are able to support the center of the bridge crane decreasing the distance between runways thus the height of the bridge crane can be reduced.  This solution can make the difference between good and great headroom or in some cases maybe the only solution to a lifting need.

  • Underhung configurations in capacities 1 Ton through 20 Ton - Up to 100' Span
  • Trucks equipped with side guide rollers standard
  • Uniquely designed to float the center truck when not fully loaded
Three Trucked  Underhung Cranes

Having adequate hook height is a must in nearly all hoisting applications. CraneWerks has developed many creative ways to achieve the best hook heights for customers of both our small and large overhead bridge cranes and we certainly can do the same for you. You may email sales@cranewerks.com  or call us with any overhead lifting application project and our dedicated staff of experienced application engineers will be glad to help you find the a perfect solution.