Ceiling Mounted Enclosed Track Workstation Crane Runway

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RFQ for Ceiling Mounted, Enclosed Rail Crane System

Retain open floor space and layout flexibility

Use where ergonomic, controlled and fast
material transfer is important

Capacities of 150 lbs. up to 4,000 lbs.

  • CraneWerks designs and manufacturers super structures that can mount to almost any ceiling andRunwayChartButtonImage2 are designed to support CM Load Rail, Gorbel, Kundel, Demag-KBK, Knight, SPANCO and Zimmerman systems.
  • 34 ft. maximum spans
  • Maximum runway lengths 124 ft.
  • Ideal for use in areas with limited floor space.
  • Light weight enclosed rail design enables the system to be up to 3 times easier to move than a standard crane system.
  • Low track weight reduces the applied forces exerted on the supporting structure.
  • Dust and other airborne contaminants are prevented from collecting on the runway and reducing wear on the trolley wheels through the enclosed track design.
  • Modular design allows runways to be extended to any length.
  • Consistent ease of operation over the full range of movement.
  • Enclosed rail workstation cranes are usually push type; motor driven tractors.
  • Sway bracing is available as an option.
  • Stainless steel systems are available in enclosed rail up to 500 lbs. Stainless steel systems are available in larger capacities. Click here for more information.
  • Complete systems designed in accordance with AISIC specifications.

For larger systems see our standard ceiling mounted crane systems.

Applications Include:

  • Individual work cells
  • Manufacturing areas
  • Assembly operations
  • Machine cells
  • Packaging areas
  • Equipment maintenance centers
  • Repair and maintenance bays
  • Bag handling

Pic 35Design Details

Tight work space and production areas remain unobstructed by support columns as required in free standing crane systems. Enclosed rail is lighter in weight than a standard ceiling mounted bridge crane system so it adds less crane weight to the building structure. Nevertheless, adequate overhead structure is needed to support the load of the crane. A qualified CraneWerks’ engineer can provide consulting assistance to determine whether a building structure will support the enclosed rail ceiling mounted workstation bridge crane system.

All enclosed rail ceiling mounted crane systems are pre-engineered so that they are available for shipping in 5-10 business days. Each system comes with complete a drawing and ships with all mounting and connection hardware. The crane systems are labeled and include simple installation instructions for on-site, bolt together, easy assembly. These workstation crane systems have a span of 34 feet or shorter. Support spacing is typically 6, 20, 25, or 30 feet. These systems are commonly used with an air balancer, air hoist, electric chain hoist or vacuum lifter.


Motor driven workstation cranes are available and work well with enclosed rail systems. These cranes are powered by tugger tractors that mount to the bottom of the runway on a separate trolley and are connected to the bridge with a connecting bar. Tractors utilize a hard rubber tire that rolls along the bottom of the runway track.

Manual cranes that are pushed or pulled are most common and best suited for use with these systems. If a powered system is required considerations may be made to use a standard I-beam crane and runway systemas a more economical solution.

CraneWerks Manufacturer and Supplier

CraneWerks is committed to partnering with our customers on workstation crane systems and components that best meet their needs and applications. We not only manufacture an original line of industrial crane systems and supplies systems, but we also offer parts and service for several models of ceiling mounted enclosed rail crane systems including Met-Track, Gorbel, Spanco, and Kundel.


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The MET-TRACK pre-engineered modular design allows for easy relocation and/or expansion by simply adding runway sections and/or additional bridges.

Splice joints connect the track sections and are complete with vertical and horizontal adjustment screws, facilitating precise alignment of the track sections.

For ceiling mounted cranes it is imperative that you seek professional advice on whether your building structure is capable of withstanding the forces generated by the workstation crane. A data sheet giving details on the applied forces relative to a crane system is available please contact your dealer for further information.

Met-Track System Features:

  • Kit form
  • Low cost
  • Simple to install and extend
  • Large range of mounting options
  • Mixed capacity systems
  • Bridge buffers
  • Telescopic bridges
  • Cantilever bridges
  • Motorized tractor units
  • Track transfer units

Met-Track Workstation Cranes Brochure

Gorbel Ceiling Mounted Enclosed Track Workstation Cranes

Gorbel enclosed track, ceiling mounted workstation bridge cranes are among the top in ease of installation and versatility to apply. They are available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

Features include:

  • A greater degree of flexibility in crane layout due to a Trussed Steel Track (used for longer spans up to 30 feet).
  • For runway spans up to 20 feet, Aluminum Track is used. This is applicable where lower weight and easier movement are required.

Gorbel Ceiling Mounted Workstation Brochure

SPANCO Enclosed Track Workstation Bridge Cranes

SPANCO manufactures enclosed track workstation cranes that meet design requirements for installation and use in seismic zone 4 (assuming that the building structure from which it is hung also meets the same requirements), classified by the Uniform Building Code as the worst earthquake prone areas in North America.

Spanco cranes feature:

  • Telescoping bridges provide extended reach to areas beyond a column or under mezzanines, shelving or a neighboring workstation.
  • If you need coverage of a wider area, cantilevered bridges can be cantilevered on one or both ends of the crane bridge. (This is beyond the standard 12 in. overhang.)

SPANCO Ceiling Mounted Workstation Bridge Crane Brochure

Kundel Ceiling Supported Workstation Cranes

If you are looking for custom, economical crane systems, Kundel Ceiling Supported Workstation Cranes is the answer.

Kundel cranes feature:

  • An internal electrical bar
  • Raised bridge ends for low headroom applications
  • Obstruction free workstations by integrating pre-existing structures in a facility with beam hangars and wall hangars.
  • Cantilever posts with built in leveling adjustments. When standard header braced systems interfere with operations, cantilevered runway designs are used.

Kundel Free Standing and Ceiling Supported Workstation Crane Brochure

CraneWerks Engineering and Dealer Network

CraneWerks’ engineers provide engineering consultation, troubleshooting and support from initial design through installation and follow-up. We offer pre-engineered, design build and turnkey workstation crane systems through our dealer network around the United States. CraneWerks’ systems can be customer installed, dealer installed or installed nationwide by CraneWerks technicians.


For a CraneWerks quote on an enclosed rail, ceiling mounted workstation bridge crane system; please fill out one of our Request for Quote Forms. To learn more about our complete lineup of industrial crane systems; or for answers to other questions, please call 888-544-2121 or contact us.

Quotes on all standard runway systems are available within twenty-four hours.


RFQ for Ceiling Mounted, Enclosed Rail Crane System