Top Running Header Braced Bridge Crane Runway

Top running header braced bridge crane runways are most commonly used when floor space is limited and overhead clearances are not an issue and where a completely free standing system is required

Expandable, and able to carry multiple bridge cranes

Can be designed for unlimited runway lengths and multiple bridge cranes

Simple to set up

Header Braced Bridge Crane Runway Information


  • Standard capacities from 1 to 25 ton and heavier.
  • Spans available up to 60 ft and wider.
  • Infinite runway lengths available.
  • Columns bolt directly to a 6 inch concrete slab or reinforced concrete foundations.
  • Electrical motor driven, hand geared, push type, and air powered overhead cranes available.
  • Quick deliveries available due to the pre-engineered designs.
  • Ships complete with:
    • hardware
    • assembly manual
    • runway electrification
    • if foundations are not required, anchor bolts will be provided.
  • Detailed approval drawings submitted in Auto CAD.
  • AISC specifications used throughout the design process
  • Stainless steel systems for use in food industry or other corrosive applications.
  • Bolt together construction allows for easy installation, relocation, and expansion.
  • Professional engineers approve all system drawings.


  • Heavy machine shops
  • Plastic molding centers
  • Plasma table
  • Heat treat
  • Tool maintenance
  • Die change operations
  • Product placement
  • Concrete material production
  • Steel distribution centers
  • Magnet cranes
  • Leased warehouses
  • Foundries

Top Running Free Standing PictureDesign Details

CraneWerks free standing, top running, header braced overhead crane systems  are self supporting and work well where minimum floor obstructions are essential and the lowest obstruction in the building is high enough for the system to be installed while still giving adequate headroom (hook height).

A main component of a free standing, header braced crane runway system is a top running bridge crane designed with the bridge on the top of the runway. No knee braces are required, increasing valuable production space. The runway is supported by the free standing support columns each pair tied together by a header. Stand alone workstation bridge cranes do not rely on building or support column integrity. Header braced systems are ideal when the lowest obstruction in the building is high enough that it does not limit the hook height.

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Bridge Cranes

CraneWerks top running header braced crane runways are compatible with motorized single girder, manual single girder, and double girder cranes.

Multiple Cranes Sharing the Same Runway

FreeStandingMultiple BridgeCranes

To maximize use and flexibility of production space and to safely lift long and awkward heavy loads, use multiple overhead cranes of different capacities on the same runway. For example, a 20 ton runway can be used to support two 10 ton bridge cranes with no mechanical or electrical separation devices. As well as, a 10 ton runway can be used with two 10 ton bridge cranes utilizing mechanical devices such as buffers (bumper extensions) or electronic separation devices, limit switches or load limiters. These optionally equipped, load summing cranes will shut down when they determine that the total load exceeds the overall capacity of the runway.

Load Summing Device.

CraneWerks Turnkey Systems

CraneWerks’ engineers provide engineering consultation, troubleshooting, and support from initial design through installation and follow-up.  We offer pre-engineered, design build, and turnkey systems through our dealer network around the United States. CraneWerks’ stand alone workstation bridge crane systems can be customer installed, dealer installed, or installed nationwide by CraneWerks technicians.


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