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Each CraneWerks overhead traveling crane runway is approved by a licensed engineer, whether it is a pre-engineered standard crane system or a custom system designed specifically for your application.

In addition to engineering our own overhead crane systems our network of crane and runway engineers can provide engineering services to:

  • Analyze existing runway structures to determine their capacities.
  • Determine if existing buildings have adequate reserved capacities to support either a ceiling supported crane system or a semi-free standing crane system.
  • Design industrial crane runway and jib foundations or to modify existing foundations to support a new crane system.
  • Determine if an existing crane runway or a bridge crane can have its capacity increased.

CraneWerks engineers are available to work on a variety of material handling projects including, mezzanines, special below hook lifting devices, end effectors, special conveyors, integrated projects and many other items.

Another benefit of working with CraneWerks is that you have access to our supplier’s engineers. These product engineers are trained to properly apply the hoists and tools that they manufacture. These engineers are eager to help us help you develop a workable solution to your needs. Your call or email to CraneWerks will prompt us to consult these engineers when needed to efficiently process your request. Use the help button to get us started.

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Chrysler Simulation Room

For more information see Simulation Room in Special Applications.

CraneWerks has a wide variety of Engineering Services available. Contact one of our staff to find out how we can help you with your engineering needs at 888-544-2121 or email [email protected].

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