Falling accidents are one of the top injury sources that happen in an industry. Make the safety of your employees a top priority and abide by OSHA regulations too. CraneWerks has harnesses and other fall protection equipment. We can even build and  install a superstructure for your high traffic area.

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Lanyards and Harnesses

Comfort, safety and mobility are the main concerns when selecting Safety Harnesses and Lanyards. Our manufacturers have years of expertise in providing harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards self-retracting lifelines and more. Full body safety harnesses are available in a variety of styles and sizes to fill the most demanding of needs and personal preferences. To learn more click here.

Fall Protection Systems and Superstructures

Fall protection is quickly becoming one of the primary concerns of plant and operation managers nationally. The statistics show that each day an average of two Americans fall to their deaths at work resulting in 170 billion dollars in medical costs, lost wages and productivity each year. So get your complete turnkey free standing systems available to meet virtually any fall protection need today. To learn more click here.