Rehabilitating an existing crane can be a practical solution to gain reliability concerning your overhead crane lifting needs. Older cranes were built with a larger number of of-the-shelf items that can be purchased from your local motor, bearing or machine shop which at times makes them quicker and less expensive to repair. These cranes were often built heavier than modern industrial cranes with heaver steel and larger components being used in general.

Because older overhead cranes and bridge cranes were built to be “heavy duty” they could generally handle repetitive lifts that are near capacity. Because of the robust nature of an older crane they were able to be worked harder than most modern with out creating additional maintenance concerns.

CraneWerks can apply modern electrical, structural and mechanical retrofits to your existing industrial cranes to help them to be even more reliable, safe and to require less maintenance.

Common upgrades include

Ergonomic cab chairs

VFD controls both closed and open loop

Conventional relay (contactor) control replacement

Resistor bank repair and replacement

Actuator, AC and DC brakes

Festoon systems

Bumpers and buffers

Pendant controls

  • Duct-o-Wire
  • Magnetech
  • Conductix
  • Telemecanique
  • Drive-Con
  • Hubbell

Radio controls

  • Remtron
  • Catron
  • Enrange
  • Telemotive

Cab air conditioning

High strength crane wheels

  • X-Tech

Load limiting devices

  • Weightronics
  • Tractel

Travel limit devices for hoists, trolleys and bridges

  • DOW
  • Magnetek

Anti-collision devices

Security devices to allow only designated personnel to operate cranes

Egress ladders and fire extinguishers

Crane cleaning and repainting

Crane rated illumination lights

  • Hollowphane

Wire Rope Cables


  • Mckisk


Girder connection and frame repair

Crane structural inspection

Squareness and girder camber survey

Power rotation kits for base mounted and wall mounted jib cranes

  • Spanco
  • Gorbel

JRMerritt JibDrive

ConductorBar Radios Collision Avoidance Systems

The advantages to retrofitting are huge in many cases and one of the real benefits of retrofitting an existing industrial crane is that you save the expense of rigging out the old crane, disposing of it and rigging in a new crane. With CraneWerks flexible installation crew employed to make your retrofits you can be sure that we will work with you to minimize down time during your crane retrofit upgrades. Our crews are willing and able to work the most demanding schedules including 2nd and 3rd shifts weekends and holidays. Our team will arrive early and stay late to accommodate your needs.

Check out the following images of a crane we purchased and brought to our shop to remanufacture the hoist and lengthen the bridge.

If you have a retrofit in mind, let the professionals at CraneWerks help you evaluate your equipment to develop a pro and con list so that you may determine if crane retrofitting or crane replacement is your best option. Call us today at 888-544-2121, contact us via our website or email [email protected].

For industries such as wind energy, foundries, food and beverage, die casting hydro power, glass, agriculture, and water treatment, crane and hoists systems and services are essential. It would be impossible for these industries to exist without the likes of an industrial crane or a workstation crane. If your company is in need of new equipment, or is sourcing a company that can retrofit existing equipment, CraneWerks is the company that provides the equipment, tools and services that can get the job done.

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