Articulating Jib Crane and WerkArm

articulating jib crane

Available Options:

  • Rotation stops (main or secondary arm)
  • Adjustable rotation brake
  • 360º rotation available on select models
  • Main and secondary collectors/swivels
  • Portable base (available on select models)
  • Anchor bolts
  • Base plate templates

CraneWerks Articulating Jib Brochure
Gorbel Articulating Jib Brochure

Other articulating jib types such as the CraneWerks WerkArm and the Gorbel Easy Arm are designed with lifting devices integrated into or onto the jib in a way that affords easy movement of the arms and increased headroom (better lifting height). Call one of our customer service representatives today for more information or a quote on an articulating jib crane at 888-544-2121.

Articulating Jib Cranes


  • Unique swivel arm allows for movement around corners and other obstructions
  • Economical solution to lifting needs that require large numbers of lifts and where the space being utilized for these lifts can be limited to the radius in which the jib crane covers.
  • Wall mounted and ceiling mounted articulating jibs available where mounting jibs from the floor is undesirable.
  • Allows for easy movement of the jib arms when the loads are being manipulated near the column of the jib.
  • Available in up to 2000# capacities with a reach of up to 16 ft.
  • Articulating jib cranes provide quick return on investment through increased productivity, reduced injuries and improved safety.


  • Self contained air operated hoist/balancer that offers high speed but controlled lifting at a very economical price.
  • Available in 50-300 lb capacities
    • Additional sizes available upon request
  • Combines an air powered balancing hoist with a uniquely designed articulating arm.
  • Exceptional hook height
  • Both base and wall mounted options are available.
  • A degree of load float is made possible by the unique design of the Bal-Trol balancing hoist.

Design Details

Great hook height is a product of the hoists’ placement inside the jib crane’s support arm. The compact design maximizes the usefulness of the lifter in applications where minimum headroom is available.

CraneWerks’ WerkArms™ workstation jib cranes allow for easy manipulation of light to moderate loads. The unique base and pedestal design along with the articulating arm allows for loads to be picked even behind the jib.

WerkArms™ are powered by Bal-Trol balancing hoists and offer variable speed control. These hoists are designed to deliver fast and precise load placement. Gentle pressure causes slow gradual movement.  Increased pressure causes faster movement.  Smooth travel movement is consistent throughout travel.

A standard feature designed into these jib crane units is load float. Once a load has been roughly located the operator can simply grasp the load and experience a degree of weightlessness while precisely moving the load up and down manually.

Air operation means low maintenance and operating costs with no expensive electronic components to replace.  WerkArms™ are easy to maintain and each WerkArm™ articulating jib comes with a one year warranty against defects in parts and craftsmanship.

Standard Features

  • Pendant controls
  • Precision ball bearing construction for ease of movement
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA, ANSI, CMAA, HMI, & NEC requirements.
  • CAD approval drawings for ease of layout
  • Safety yellow paint

Available Options

  • Rotation stops (main or secondary arm)
  • Adjustable rotation brake
  • 360º rotation available on premium models
  • Manipulator control
  • Additional cable and pendant lengths
  • Filter, regulator, lubricator kits
  • Elevated level adjustment
  • Portable base
  • Anchor bolts
  • Base plate templates
  • Custom paint
  • Drop stop protection
  • Longer or shorter hook travel

Design Details

There are many varieties of articulating jibs including basic models that consist of a base mounted column equipped with two structural tubes that bend like an elbow in the center. These basic units are usually equipped with a conventional air or electric chain hoist orbalancer mounted to a lug positioned at the end of the jib crane.