Free Standing Jib Crane

Free Standing Jib Crane

Free Standing Jib Crane

Free Standing Jib Crane Features

  • Cost effective solution for lifting needs that can be covered within the radius created by the jib crane.
  • Well-suited for use beneath traveling industrial cranes, in open areas where they serve several work cells.
  • Anchor bolt kits and templates designed to allow for easy and accurate installation of anchor bolts are available for all floor mounted free standing jib cranes.
  • Workstation jib cranes are available constructed from standard I-beams or for smaller capacities enclosed rail type jibs can be provided.

Free Standing Jib Crane Enclosed Rail

  • Enclosed rail jibs are utilized when capacities are between 100 lb. to 1000 lb. and with spans up to 16 ft.
  • The enclosed rail design on the boom reduces dead weight which allows for easier rotation than a standard I-beam jib crane.

Free Standing Jib Crane Structural I-Beam

  • Large capacities and longer spans.
  • Can be equipped with powered rotation and powered trolleys.
  • Many existing jibs can even have motorized rotation added to them with one of our power rotation kits after the jib has been installed.

Free Standing Jib Crane Design Details

Foundation requirements for free standing jib cranes range from utilizing existing concrete floors that are as thin as 6 inches to large foundations that can be up to 5 ft deep and 11 ft. square. CraneWerks can provide jib foundations through a nationwide network of concrete specialists that we employ to accomplish turn-key installations of workstation jib cranes and other systems that require foundations.

Light capacities and short span jib cranes can in some cases be mounted onto portable bases that can be moved from place to place with a lift truck.

Disadvantages to free standing and other jib cranes are:

  • Large foundations are required in many cases
  • The floor coverage of a jib crane placed in a square work space is round, leaving many areas of the work cell not covered by the jib, wasting valuable production space.

Jib cranes accommodate the following lifting devices: wire ropeelectric, and air powered chain hoistschain fall hoistsvacuum lifters and balancers.