Free Standing Monorail Crane

If your ceiling is adequately sized for the capacity of free standing monorail crane you are looking for, you may want to consider ceiling supported monorails to eliminate floor obstructions.

  • Economical way of manipulating small to large loads.
  • Designed with bolt together construction for easy installation
    • Can be relocated and added onto as needed.
  • Standard capacities range from 1 to 25 ton with larger
    capacities available up to 100 ton.

    • For smaller capacities with push type trolleys enclosed rail can be provided
  • Patented track is available for repetitive high cycle applications.
  • All systems ship complete with:
    • runway electrification
    • assembly hardware
    • anchor bolts (when applicable)

More information on Monorails Switches

  • Used in most any environment to perform simple lifting operations from unloading trucks to disassembling dies and other equipment
  • Patented track systems are available for monorails with curves and switches allowing material to move from one section of the plant to another.
  • Monorail spurs are used for transferring loads from one bridge crane to another or from a bridge crane to another area in the plant.
  • Free standing monorails can be equipped with a cantilevered beam on one or both ends of the monorail. These cantilevers can be used to reach areas beyond the support columns of the system such as over a pit or dock area.
  • Cantilevered supports are also available on free standing monorails when pairs of columns and headers are not possible.
Free Standing Knee Braced Cantilevered Monorail