Ceiling Supported Monorail

Celiling supported monorail

Ceiling Supported Monorail

Ceiling Supported Monrail

Ceiling supported monorail overhead crane systems utilize existing ceiling structures eliminating the need to install columns that create obstructions in valuable production space.  One important thing to consider when looking at ceiling mounted monorails is the reserve capacity of the ceiling structure.  CraneWerks engineering services can aid you in determining the reserve capacity of your existing ceiling as well as other structures to determine if a ceiling mounted monorail industrial crane is right for the application.

  • Economical way of manipulating small to large loads.
  • Bolt together construction for easy installation
    • can be relocated and added onto as needed.
  • Typical capacities range between ¼ and 10 Ton
    • Capacities over 2 ton and/or monorails utilizing motorized trolleys are constructed from structural steel or patented track
    • Capacities from 250lbs to 2 ton are available in enclosed rail. This is most practical when push type trolleys can be utilized.
  • Complete approval drawings supplied

CraneWerks Ceiling supported monorails are designed with clamped suspension hangers and easy to install sway bracing (when required). Some monorail overhead cranes may bolt directly to an existing ceiling or other support structure. Other situations may require the monorail to hang down in order to avoid obstructions such as lights, heaters, pipes, etc. In these cases CraneWerks can provide custom engineered support hangers and superstructures to lower to monorail.  The image below shows a custom build superstructure to support an enclosed track oval monorail industrial crane system.

Patented track is often used when curves and switches are required. This track has a hardened lower flange which extends the life of the system and allows for easy movement in push/pull applications. This track is easily used with curves, switches and transfer bridges. They can connect to other monorails and bridge cranes and are great when material must be moved throughout different areas in the plant.

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Ceiling supported monorails commonly utilize one or more of the following lifting equipment, electric chain hoistsair hoistsmanual chain hoistsbalancers, or wire rope hoists.