Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes, and Monorails

Jib Cranes

There are multiple types of jib cranes. CraneWerks is capable of making or acquiring the jib crane that will best suit your needs. If you have a tight space or need to go around a corner CraneWerks can help get you the product you need today. Below are multiple types of jib cranes that could work for you.

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Free Standing Jib Crane

These jib cranes have the ability to rotate 360 degrees and can carry a high capacity compared to its other forms. There foundation mounted jibs can be placed inside or outside. Free standing jib cranes are cost effective and are the easiest to install compared to other jibs. To learn more click here.

Free Standing Jib Crane

Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Requiring no floor space a wall mounted jib crane can be folded and put out of the way until needed. Wall mounted jib cranes are the most cost effective of the jib crane options. With capacities up to 5 tons, a wall mounted jib crane can help make your shop more efficient. To learn more click here.

Articulating Jib Crane

Articulating jib crane can move a load around obstructions, through doorways, or rotate in close to the mast or building column that supports it. These jib cranes support nearly any type of manipulator, balancer, or hoist. Articulating jibs have a capacity up to 1 ton and a span up to 20 feet. To learn more click here.

Gantry Cranes

If you are in need of a portable crane then a gantry crane is what you need. A gantry crane is ideal where runways are not practical to install. With a standard of 10 tons and up to a 24 foot span a gantry crane can be customized to fit your specific needs. To learn more click here.

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Adjustable Gantry Cranes


Monorails cranes are a highly versatile lifting device that can have curves, switches, turntables and can even connect to overhead bridge cranes or conveyors. Manufacturers commonly utilize these cranes to relocate materials or products within a restricted location, as opposed to throughout an entire building.

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Free Standing Monorail Crane

The monorail hoist and trolley run on a single stationary beam and designed with bolt together construction for easy installation. Used in most any environment to perform simple lifting operations from unloading trucks to disassembling dies and other equipment. To learn more click here.

Free Standing Monorail

Ceiling Mounted Monorail

Ceiling mounted monorail overhead crane systems utilize existing ceiling structures eliminating the need to install columns that create obstructions in valuable production space. This frees up floor space and is an excellent alternative for work areas that cannot be serviced by bridge cranes. To learn more click here.

Ceiling Mounted Industrail Monorail