CraneWerks is a large distributor of R&M wire rope hoists and electric chain hoists. Many of our standard hoists have a 3 business day delivery. For quick pricing please contact us today at 1-888-544-2121 or click the link below to fill out an RFQ.


RFQ R&M Hoists

Great for heavy usage and rough environments the LK electric chain hoist is a great pick for your company. The more economical choice between the two hoists presented it efficiently and safely lift and lower loads. This easy to use hoist is the perfect choice for your company and employees. Some beneficial features of the LK electric chain hoist include:

  • 1/8 – 5 ton capacities
  • Single and two-fall models
  • Lifting heights between 10-98 ft
  • Single or two-speed hoisting options
  • Inverter or two-speed controlled trolley options
  • Multiple trolley suspensions
  • PRQ pendant with an ergonomic pistol grip

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If you need a heavy duty hoist that is going to be the back bone of your production then look no further than the Spacemaster SX. This wire rope hoist can meets so many lifting demands and could be the perfect fit for your company. Some of it’s feature include:

  • Cable of lifting the heaviest thing in your shop the capacity ranges from 1/2 to 80 tons
  • Safety is a standard with load monitoring systems
  • Speed is not a problem with the dual speed hook and trolley
  • Low headroom  for optimum utilization of the hook path
  • Interchangeable trolleys that will fit your bridge type (single girder, double girder, box girder)

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