Special Applications

Anti-Swing Control

Reduce the sway of your loads by 85% and improve the safety of your shop today. The sway of a load can effect your shop in many ways. Waiting for the load to stop swaying can effect your bottom dollar. Also the sway of a load can cause a lot of stress on a system and its operator, as well as cause a potential pinch point which would endanger your operator. An anti-swing control system can be added to a new or existing hoist so look into one for your system to improve the efficiency and safety of your shop today. To learn more click here.

Telescoping Crane and Cantilever Bridges

When you need move the load on your crane into an adjoining bay or through an open door you can do so by utilizing a telescoping bridge. This application can be up to 10 tons and can solve many material handling problems. To learn more click here.

Low Headroom Bridge Crane

Low headroom cranes are available to overcome hook height problems inherent to standard crane designs. There are many types of designs that can allow for a higher hook height. To learn more click here.