Offering the Perfect Overhead Traveling Crane for the Job

Since 1997, Cranewerks has been providing unique and innovative material handling solutions to industrial workers nationwide. We manufacture and service industrial bridge cranes, and we provide inspection services. Our dealers operate all across the United States and seek to surpass safety... Read More

Industrial Overhead Crane – A Great Addition for Heavy Lifting and Lasting Performance

An industrial overhead crane, or bridge crane, is a piece of equipment mainly used for material handling and heavy lifting. This type of crane system offers a safe and effective means of moving materials across the shop, while also offering the versatility and adaptability needed in an industrial... Read More

Runway Crane Systems for Safe and Efficient Lifting

Runway crane systems work are compatible with a variety of cranes and utilize an overhead runway to haul material from end of the shop to another. CraneWerks carry a variety of runway systems that can handle heavy loads and can also accommodate more than one overhead crane for maximum efficiency.... Read More

In Search of Overhead Cranes for Sale

Are you checking out overhead cranes for sale? If so, you have many options to consider. In fact, a major decision like this can be overwhelming without the right assistance. CraneWerks is here to remove all the guesswork, and help you find the perfect crane for your facility. Where to... Read More

Do You Have The Right Below The Hook Lifting Device?

If your company or facility is like most, you spend countless hours comparing manufacturers of crane systems so that you choose the one that is best for your needs. You carefully consider costs, scope, scale, and reputation in the industry, as well as the ability of the crane manufacturer to design... Read More

Evaluating Crane Operator Training Programs

Staff training on the safe, effective use of a crane system is an important part of workplace safety. It is also important in maintaining equipment and preventing the unnecessary wear and tear on equipment that is so common in the industry. Unfortunately, many people who claim to have crane... Read More

The Benefits of a Free Standing Bridge Crane

A free standing bridge crane does not put weight on the overhead structure of the building. Assembling the crane is straight and it is also easy to relocate. Expanded Mobility It is the perfect solution to any circumstances where installing an overhead crane is either too difficult or not... Read More