Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

Below-the-Hook lifting devices and end effectors are used to attach loads to overhead hoisting equipment. They are used to move any load that doesn’t have a lifting lug or a place to attach a single hoist hook to the load. They are commonly used in such applications as: plate handling, pipe lifting, stone cutting, glass handling, steel handling, drum handling, and odd-shaped loads.

Safe Load


You must know the combined weight of the load being rigged and the rigging itself.

Safe Hoist


The hoist must be in good working order. The capacity of the hoist needs to be more than the combined weight of the load and the rigging equipment.

Safe Rigging Device


You must insure that you have the correct lifting device for your application and that it is used in the correct way.  All rigging equipment should be inspected prior to use.

Below-the-Hook Lifters vs. End Effecters

The difference between a below hook lifter and an end effecter is that a below hook lifter normally attaches to a crane or a hoist hook. An end effecter is a lifting device that attaches directly to the arm of a manipulator or a manipulator control.

CraneWerks can help you with your below hook lifting apparatus needs. We offer load-rated chain and nylon web rigging in many configurations to satisfy most any need. We also carry a wide variety of spreader beams, roll lifters, coil lifters, sheet lifters, pallet lifters and other custom devices.

No crane job is complete until you’ve got a plan for the proper rigging attachments. Many times this can be the hardest part of the project. CraneWerks can help by designing a custom lifter or end effecter to pick up your specific part.

Load Testing Video


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