Field Services

CraneWerks has a range of different services that can help your company stay operational. A down system can cost your company with every passing minute so don't wait.

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Crane Retrofits

Rehabilitating an existing crane can be a practical solution to gain reliability concerning your overhead crane lifting needs. Older cranes were built with a larger number of of-the-shelf items that can be purchased from your local motor, bearing or machine shop which at times makes them quicker and less expensive to repair. To learn more click here.

Runway and Bridge Surveys

Aging crane runways can become out of span for many reasons but the most common reasons are building settlement, crane overloads, and crane malfunctions.Crane runways are at the foundation of good crane health. CraneWerks is experienced in the area of performing crane and hoist inspection surveys that include: runway girder elevation, runway rail straightness and span compliance. To learn more click here.

Crane Repair and Maintenance, Onsite Technicians, & Maintenance Contracts

CraneWerks trained crane and hoist technicians are on call and ready to serve you 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Whether it’s a ¼ ton hoist or a 200 ton crane our technicians have the experience and perseverance to get the job done. To learn more click here.


CraneWerks has a number of trained installers that have done a vast amount of jobs that range from bridge cranes to vacuum lifters. Our team comes early and stays late to get installation completed in the shortest time possible, minimizing the impact to production. However the main goal is to be ready 24/7 to install and to have a safe and proper installation. To learn more click here.

OSHA Specified Inspections

CraneWerks offers a variety of crane and hoist inspection options to meet your individual needs. Whether it is a basic frequent or periodic inspection or a complete inspection and preventative maintenance program. To learn more click here.

Load Testing

CraneWerks has 16,000 lbs of portable test weights and a test weight skid that weighs 2500 lbs. We are qualified to load test cranes of all capacities using water weights and other static weight options.  Load testing should only be performed after a structure, crane, monorail, jib, lifting beam, sling, etc. is known to have been designed to properly support a load and is in good physical and mechanical shape. To learn more click here.