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About Us

About Us | CraneWerks. In the late 1990s, CraneWerks noticed that the American crane industry was in trouble. Big overseas companies were making huge inroads into the US market by setting up their own sales networks. Their seemingly unlimited resources and capabilities made it increasingly difficult for independent US dealers to stay competitive.

Against that backdrop, CraneWerks was founded in 1997 with a vision: give independent American dealers a chance to compete in their own backyard by giving them the opportunity to say “Yes” to all their customers’ overhead material handling needs.

Working from a humble base of operations in Arlington, Indiana, company president Mark Thomas and his team began assembling their own dealer network, a co-operative approach that continues today and has resulted in getting competitively priced overhead cranes, industrial cranes, and material handling products into the hands of customers through our dealers. CraneWerks’ goal from the start: provide quality, competitive material handling solutions to our dealers that they could confidently present to their customers.

This straightforward approach has turned out to be a great business model. The large number of dealers in our network allows us to purchase components at volume discounts and pre-engineer cranes and crane systems in-house, keeping costs low and keeping our dealers competitive. When an independent dealer joins the CraneWerks dealer network, it’s like having our factory attached to their sales office. The dealer provides the sales side of our partnership and, where needed, we supply the operations.

In 2008, CraneWerks moved to a 65,000 square ft. facility in Morristown, IN, conveniently located in the center of the USA and accessible from everywhere in the country. Our ever-growing staff of dedicated engineering, manufacturing and technical associates is available to you 24 hours each day, with the common goal of supporting and growing our dealer network in a way that brings sustained success to all of our businesses. The future looks good for independent dealers in America, and CraneWerks is proud to continue playing our role in securing the bright times ahead. Learn more