About Us

About CraneWerks

CraneWerks was founded in 1997 with the vision of providing complete industrial crane, workstation crane and hoists systems and services through a nationwide dealer network. It was during this time that international companies were making advances in the US market by setting up their own sales network. The seemingly unlimited resources and capabilities that these huge companies had at their disposal, made it difficult for independent dealers to remain in a competitive position.

CraneWerks goal was then and is now is to give independent dealers the opportunity to say “yes” to all of their customers overhead material handling needs. In 1997, we began to put together a list of products and services that could be sold through our dealer network. This co-operative effort has resulted in getting competitively priced overhead cranes, industrial cranes, and material handling products into the hands of customers through our dealers. The roll of our company became clear from the start; provide quality, competitive material handling solutions to our dealers that they could confidently present to their customers.

This straight forward approach turned out to be a great business model.  Because we have a large number of dealers selling our products we are able to pre-engineer cranes and crane systems, purchase components at volume discounts and manufacture these items in a production atmosphere. All of these considerations reduce cost and keep our Dealer Team competitive.

CraneWerks represents some of the best and fastest growing lines of material handling products in the industry giving our dealer network the competitive edge in providing the best solutions and the best prices to their customers.

Our services range from Hoist Remanufacturing, Inspections and retrofitting of existing cranes to complete turn key installations.  Working together there is no job to large or too small for your company and our company to provide.

When an independent dealer becomes a CraneWerks dealer it is like having our factory attached to their sales office. The dealer provides the sales side of our partnership and we provide the operations side in the areas where needed.

CraneWerks has taken an unselfish approach to help independent dealers to become bigger, better and stronger material handling suppliers. We decided at the beginning of our enterprise that it was necessary to provide an á la cart list of services that our dealers could pick from. We are happy to provide these services as long as they are needed but at the same time we are also satisfied when our dealer’s ability grows to the point of providing these services themselves. We want to see our dealers grow in ways that make independents dominate in the US market place.

With CraneWerks recent move to a 65,000 square ft. building conveniently located in the center of the US and with our growing number of dedicated design, manufacturing and technical associates that are available to you 24 hours each day, our goal is to continue to support and grow our dealer network in a way that brings huge success to their business as well as ours.

Thank you for your interest in CraneWerks. The future looks good for independent dealers and we hope you will continue to have us as, or to join us as a material handling partner. Our commitment to you will be to take a leadership role in the research and development of new and innovative industrial crane products and services, as well as training and advertising/marketing packages to make available to our Dealer Team.