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Strengthening the Foundation: CraneWerks’ Core Values in Action

At CraneWerks, we’re excited to announce the launch of our core values, the principles that connect us to our team of employees, dealers, and suppliers, guiding our journey toward excellence.


Stay vigilant, stay cautious, and never compromise.

Safety isn’t just a priority at CraneWerks; it’s a fundamental value that influences every action and decision we make. From the shop floor to job sites, we prioritize the safety of ourselves, our team, and our customers because nothing is more important than ensuring everyone returns home safely at the end of the day. We don’t just comply with regulations; we anticipate and address potential challenges before they arise. Safety for us is a proactive stance that guides every decision and action we take.


Embrace camaraderie, cultivate connections, and honor unity.

At CraneWerks, family isn’t solely defined by blood but by the shared experiences, support, and love that bind us together. We prioritize the well-being and unity of our team members’ families, recognizing that when our team feels secure in their roles and personal lives, they can thrive professionally. By offering a supportive environment, stability in their positions, and valuing their families, we create a strong foundation for success and fulfillment. CraneWerks isn’t just a workplace; it’s a community that prioritizes the holistic well-being of everyone involved.


Stand tall, stay committed, and uphold honesty and accountability.

Integrity at CraneWerks means doing the right thing even when no one is watching. It’s our promise to stand by each other through thick and thin, to support, to defend, and to never back down in our allegiance with our CraneWerks crew, dealers, and suppliers. Faith in our brand is earned through dedicated commitment to creating an environment of honor and respect, where contributions are valued and trust is paramount. Let us be known not just for what we accomplish, but for how we accomplish it—with integrity as our guiding principle.


Work smart, work hard, and take pride in every detail.

Craftsmanship at CraneWerks isn’t just about making something; it’s about taking pride in what we do and making it right, with skill, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Each product is a testament to our dedication to precision and quality, a carefully crafted tool for your needs. It’s not just about delivering; it’s about crafting experiences that resonate. At CraneWerks, craftsmanship is the unique touch that sets our products and services apart.


Serve with passion, integrity, and a genuine desire to make a difference.

Our commitment to service is the cornerstone of everything we do at CraneWerks. It’s not just about meeting needs; it’s about exceeding expectations and leaving a lasting impact wherever we go. Whether it’s to our customers, our crew, or our community, we serve with passion and integrity, striving to make a genuine difference.


Work together, learn together, and achieve together.

Collaboration at CraneWerks isn’t just about internal teamwork; it’s about extending our efforts beyond our walls. We forge strong partnerships and alliances, leveraging diverse talents, perspectives, and experiences to accomplish more than we ever could alone. Working hand-in-hand with our dealers, crew members, and suppliers, we tackle challenges, seize opportunities, and deliver exceptional service and value.

Ready to take CraneWerks’ core values to the next level?

As we embrace these core values, particularly emphasizing safety this National Safety Month, we invite every member of our CraneWerks community to demonstrate these principles in every task, every interaction, and every decision. Together, we build a stronger, safer, and more united CraneWerks.

Please send any recommendations on how we can better implement these core values into our daily tasks to [email protected]

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