Case Studies

Case Studies

CraneWerks’ chronicled case studies blog covering material handling challenges throughout the United States to highlight capabilities outside the box as well as to inspire project design capabilities.

Topics include:

  • Installation
  • Below-the-Hook Devices
  • Updates
  • Design Innovations

CraneWerks Makes a Tailored Box Girder Solution for Reliable Results

A customer in the construction industry required a custom mono-box girder solution to accommodate the required span to meet their specific lifting needs.

Case Study 6: Improve Safety and Efficiency at Your Semi-Trailer Manufacturing Plant

When a semi-trailer manufacturer decided to expand their operations and improve their manufacturing process…

Case Study 5: Galvanizing Plant Bridge Crane Rehab

A galvanizing plant in Muncie, Indiana had a bridge crane in need of some serious assistance. Galvanizing is a process by which metal pieces and equipment are coated by molten zinc, making them many times more resistant to oxidization. The hot-dip galvanizing process involves some extremely corrosive chemicals (most notably hydrochloric acid [HCL]) that have […]

Case Study 4: 30-Liter Genset Lifter

The client, a major national manufacturer of diesel engines, needed a below-hook lifting device to safely pick up a fully assembled engine and generator. Oh, and it needed to be battery-powered, too, for mobile operation. That’s no mean feat, but Harriman Material Handling and CraneWerks were more than up to the task.   The Application: […]

Case Study 3: U.S. Gypsum Mine

A 20 ton capacity overhead crane and hoist from R&M Materials Handling Inc., sold by Harriman Material Handling (HMH), has been built and installed by CraneWerks 400 ft beneath the surface at the U.S. Gypsum Company Shoals Mine in Indiana.   The Application: The top running double girder crane, principally chosen based on the short […]

Case Study 2: Kimura Foundry America

Six R&M Materials Handling Inc. overhead crane systems were installed in just three weeks at the newly constructed Kimura Foundry America Inc. factory in Shelbyville, Indiana. The facility is the company’s first venture outside its native Japan, where it provides rapid prototype (RP) castings and small lot production services.   The Application: Six R&M Materials […]

Case Study 1: Wheel Lifter

Challenge: A semi-truck manufacturer requested a specialized solution for installing wheels onto their trucks. Their current lift assistance device was getting jammed up on floor debris; also, tires were oftentimes falling off the fixture, and the balance was frequently off. This made rotating wheels to install them onto the truck difficult and time-consuming for the […]


In the late 1990s, CraneWerks noticed that the American crane industry was in trouble. Big overseas companies were making huge inroads into the US market by setting up their own sales networks. Their seemingly unlimited resources and capabilities made it increasingly difficult for independent US dealers to stay competitive.

Against that backdrop, CraneWerks was founded in 1997 with a vision: give independent American dealers a chance to compete in their own backyard by giving them the opportunity to say “Yes” to all their customers’ overhead material handling needs.

What we offer

CraneWerks is your first choice for quality and durable overhead crane and hoist services, providing you with material handling solutions nationwide. We offer a range of services designed to help you stay OSHA compliant, keep your overhead lifting equipment in running order, and provide a safe environment for your employees.  Whether you need OSHA mandated overhead crane and hoist inspections, preventative maintenance, crane repair, or employee training, CraneWerks has you covered. 

Giving Back

The things we do in life send echoes—echoes that frequently outlive us. Roger Graham was a member of the CraneWerks family for 18 years. He was an extraordinary, giving man whose deeds and words sent a lot of echoes down the ages. He won’t soon be forgotten by anyone who met or worked with him.  The Roger Graham Scholarship Fund is awarded annually to a deserving local high school senior heading to a trade school.