Superstructure Gorbel system designed and installed in a co-operative project between Harriman Material Handling and CraneWerks

Optimizing Production Capacity with a Gorbel Super Structure

Case Study

CraneWerks collaborated with Harriman Material Handling to provide Hendrickson, a global leader in commercial transportation solutions, to implement an advanced material handling system that would optimize their production capacity. 


This project integrated workstation cranes by Gorbel, structural double girder bridge cranes with nested trolleys to support torque tools by CraneWerks, a mezzanine, and Magnetek power and motion control systems, all brought together on a tight schedule for our committed installation team to come in and work around ongoing production and other contractors. 

Hendrickson had an existing system by CraneWerks and HMH, which was undersized with only one bridge. Prior to installing the new line, we had to relocate this 6-ton structure with (2) 3-ton bridge cranes. This was done on a weekend to avoid disruption to production.  

Our team came in and added a Gorbel super structure at the end of the workstation crane, which was installed to support 2 bridges, so the customer was able to have a backup in case one crane went down. This built redundancy into the system to ensure production isn’t impacted.  

New conveyors were being installed as we were installing the crane system. Much of the work was performed over the weekend. Due to the timeframe to complete, some work was actually done during the week while their production was actively running. 


This project presented a couple of key challenges: 

  1. Integration: A unique aspect of this project was the need to integrate the superstructure of systems and runways and construct a robust mezzanine capable of accommodating new equipment, including panels and three-slide systems. and structural steel. The superstructure was built to span farther (40’) between supports, reducing the number of columns needed by 4.  
  2. Time Constraints: The tightly scheduled installation was performed all around their production, allowing them to continue work with zero downtime. While it was very tough working with the other contractors in the same space all while production was ongoing, CraneWerks successfully managed the project by coordinating with the other teams. 


The installation process was meticulously designed to ensure productivity enhancements without interrupting production. Harriman’s approach allowed for seamless integration of a versatile solution, facilitating movement of equipment with limited rewiring and modification requirements in the future. 

A few key design points of this system: 

  • A maintenance gate was implemented into the design of both runways, making it easier to install and maintain multiple bridges in the future. This eliminates their past challenge of having to run bridges off of the end of the runway to repair or install new bridges. 
  • Double girder bridges with nested trolleys to support torque tools upgraded their runway capacity and the structure to accept 4 additional bridges per runway. 
  • A mezzanine was incorporated into the support structure, which supports a grease/system oiler and panels for production equipment. This allows their team to have all of their production controls and equipment up off of the production floor and out of the way. 
  • We chose to use a Magnetek ELECTROBAR® Elite for this customer so that they have the opportunity to scale their process, installing additional equipment with much more ease.
  • The conductor bar both runs hoists and powers monitors, fans, radios, and some torque tools. 
  • Extra trolleys were brought in to power production monitors, allowing the monitors to be installed anywhere along the system and to be easily relocated as changes arise 

The collaboration resulted in several positive outcomes: 

  1. Continuous Operations: Production continued seamlessly during the system installation, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and a safe working environment. 
  2. Future Scalability: The solution was deliberately designed oversized, providing ample room for expansion, allowing the system to grow in parallel with the organization’s development, without limitations. 
  3. Enhanced Functionality: The implemented solution allows for multi-directional movement of equipment, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for future modifications without extensive reconfigurations. 
  4. Cost Savings: The reuse of the 4 bridges from the original system helped our customer stay within a healthy budget by providing redundancy. 

CraneWerks’ collaborative approach led to the successful implementation of an integrated material handling system. This system significantly increased production capacity, demonstrating the adaptability and scalability of the solution for the client’s evolving needs. 

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