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Bridge Crane Types

It is the main travelling structure of the crane and spans the width of the building bay. It travels in a direction parallel to the runway. The bridge consists of two end trucks and one or two bridge girders depending on the equipment type. The bridge also supports the trolley and hoisting mechanism for the up and down lifting of the load. Download a brochure here.


Top Running Bridge Crane

Top running bridge cranes are designed for facilities with low headroom. The system moves above the runway, allowing more space between the hook and the ground. A rail is installed on top of the runway beams for the wheels to ride on.



Generally a lot lighter than a top running system, under hung crane runways allows for more versatility. Underhung bridge cranes are typically used for lighter applications; under 20 tons. These systems can be mounted from the ceiling or interlocked together. Because the bridge runs underneath the runway rail, multiple systems can be ran side-by-side without interfering with one another.