Motorized Double-Girder Cranes

Double girder overhead bridge crane can be constructed with either structural steel beams (W flange beams) or welded steel plates, commonly known as box girders. Most bridge cranes up to 60 – 65’ span are constructed of structural steel.

The type of bridge girder is determined by considering both the span and capacity of the application. Box girder cranes have a very light weight to span ratio and in many cases can reduce the size of the runway and building structure required to support them as well as reduce the cost of the crane itself. The CraneWerks engineering team can determine which design is right for your application.

A four wheeled overhead bridge crane is good for most applications but in some cases an 8 wheeled or double bogie crane is more practical. Double bogie cranes spread the loads out over 4 wheels at each end of the bridge allowing the runway rail size to be reduced and in some cases, the runway girders themselves to be lighter weight.

Another advantage to double bogie bridge cranes is that they can be shipped with the endtrucks (The part of the crane that contains the wheels.) already assembled to the girders. This makes installation easy and reduces the amount of time it takes to erect the crane. The industrial crane specialists at CraneWerks are experienced in crane applications and can aid you in your selection of the proper crane for your application.