Successful Rehab After Hard Life Catches Up to 20-Ton Crane

Case Study

Overhead cranes are the workhorse of any manufacturing or distribution facility. They are there to do the heavy lifting and keep the production floors safe and uncluttered. Often taken for granted, they aren’t appreciated till they start having issues. Heavy lifting and repetition create wear and tear on joints and other mechanical parts. Throw in multiple shifts, grime, and caustic operating conditions and they begin to show their age.


CraneWerks made modifications to the existing structure of the crane, inspected the integrity of all working parts, checked wiring and seals, replaced worn/outdated parts, and made a few upgrades. Throughout each phase of the project, the following was provided:


    • The main and auxiliary hoist gearboxes for wear


    • 4 heavy-duty trolley rail sweeps
    • Reframed girder connections to accept new end trucks


    • 4 heavy-duty trolley rail sweeps
    • Tested hoist and crane before installation


    • Heavy-duty trucks from CM
    • Provided new wire rope for each hoist
    • Provided a new 10 button backup pendant station and pendant conductor


    • Cleaned hoist and crane
    • Provided a fresh coat of paint for protection
    • Festoon system
    • Bridge motors
    • 4 heavy-duty trolley rail sweeps
    • Bridge controls with new VFD
    • Bearings
    • Seals
    • Main hoist motor coupling
    • Trolley wheels
    • 4 trolley end stops

Maintenance Repair

    • Trolley motor
    • Gear reducer
    • Brake


This was the second crane brought to CraneWerks from this steel production plant for rehabbing. The first crane had issues with end trucks, as the original manufacturer’s end trucks were beyond use. The appropriate parts were replaced and the crane was put back into service. Being proactive, the customer had CraneWerks rehab their second crane once the first was back in service.


The customer now has two fully functioning 20-ton cranes at its disposal. End tuck safety concerns have been addressed and all mechanical and electrical parts have been inspected, repaired or replaced. Moving parts aren’t always easy to detect wear and tear. A trained professional can inspect and help breathe life back into your crane system. Early detection can help prevent uneccesary down times and eliminate potential accidents.

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