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From 2011 to 2017, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 297 deaths involving cranes. Of those deaths, more than half were the result of workers being struck by objects or equipment, and over 20 percent involved the crane operator. These statistics highlight the need for crane safety at all stages of operation, including travel, setup, rigging and lifting.

Make Swinging Loads a Thing of the Past

Swinging loads, whether caused by misalignment or snags, are not only dangerous for your employees but can damage equipment, resulting in costly repairs and downtime. To reduce these risks, loads should be centered under the hoist and free of obstacles. The Magnetek® brand Intelli-Lift™ System can help. The Intelli-Lift System detects a load misalignment or snag condition and alerts operations with a visible and audible warning before a dangerous situation occurs.   Using sensors and a status control enclosure, the system activates lights and an optional warning horn if a side pull or off-center pick is detected. From there, the misalignment or snag can be corrected manually or automatically by the Intelli-Lift System. Through manual or automatic adjustment, Intelli-Lift assists operators in centering the bridge and trolley over the load before it can be hoisted, reducing the likelihood of snags or swaying loads.

Eliminate Load Sway

You put a lot of time and resources into your products. It's important to protect that investment and, more importantly, your employees. By estimating and calculating load swing, anti-sway systems automatically adjust the crane's traveling motion to completely remove load swing. Even the most experienced operator is slowed by waiting for load swing to taper off. An anti-sway system creates a load movement process that is both fast and safe, allowing your operator to focus solely on the load and its final destination. Whether your loads are five tons or 50, an anti-sway system's seamless, automated movement prevents swinging, improves safety and increases productivity.   Anti-sway systems available: • R&M's ControlMaster® Anti-Sway           system • Magnetek's Sway Control System • CAMotion'sExpert Operator™

STOP! In the Name of Safety

Whether you're moving a ton of material through your shop or troubleshooting a machine, when something unforseen arises, make sure you have a reliable failsafe in place: You need Cattron's Safe-T-Stop™ or Safe-E-Stop™ wireless machine stop system.   Safe-E-Stop is a wireless emergency stop system that enhances safety by allowing an individual or a group of operators to respond to an emergency without the delay typically associated with moving to a hard-wired E-stop station.   Safe-T-Stop features: • Seven functions include: three rocker     switches, ON/Alarm and Off/Stop             buttons • IP65-rated enclosure • Maintain link for fail-safe   operation • Operator-controlled unit with built-in       machine shop capabilities, featuring a     large, red stop button

Overhead Crane Safety Lights

There's plenty you can do to prevent your people from being injured. CraneWerks wants to let you know about an exciting advancement in overhead crane safetyinvolving colored lights.   Let 'em know what's coming.   Inside any industrial worspace, danger lurks around every corner.. you need to keep your head on a swivel. However, sometimes even the most attentive workers get distracted. That's when accidents can happen. Cranes equipped with safety (awareness) lights project a bright colored light onto the shop floor ahead of a load's path, letting everyone know something's coming through overhead.

Talk With Your Hoist in Real-time

The Overhead Lifting Information (OLI) app is R&M Material's latest innovation that places real-time data from the HoistMonitor into the palm of your hand. The app shows user-friendly read outs of events like runtime, current load limits, and unit temperatures. The app connects wirelessly, can be personalized to fit your needs and is available for both IOS and Android devices.   Getting real-time hoist data: • Number of emergency stops • Current load conditions • Recorded events (overloads, shock         loads, etc. ) • Fault and wear warnings • Maintenance schedule (based on usage/wear)

CraneWerks University

Looking to invest in your employees and company? Look no further: CraneWerks University offers training that can help your company keep up to code, enhance employee safety, and prolong the life of your equipment.   Operator Training Training for you and your employees to operate your overhead bridge crane system safely and correctly.   Overhead Crane Inspector Training Gain competence in evaluating deficiencies and spotting safety-related items while learning to interpret federal regulations, national standards and industry specifications for cranes and hoists.   Train the Trainer Become the resident crane guru at your company, able to teach crane operation to others. In this very hands-on course, best practices for instructing trainees in safety, maintenance, operation and more are covered in detail.

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