Air Hoist

Lifting capacities up to 100 tons are available

Great in high speed, repetitive use applications

Unbeatable load spotting control


  • Air chain hoists can be operated continually at maximum load with frequent start and stop cycles.
    • The air powered hoist is inherently designed to work well in high usage areas since air passes through the unit and exhausts heat into the atmosphere constantly cooling the hoist.
  • Offers high capacity lifting up to 100 ton in relatively small packages where heavy rigging jobs are required and a slower speed can be accommodated.
  • Lifting capacity and performance are unaffected by high ambient temperatures.
  • Feathering on the pendant give the operator unlimited control over speed.
  • Easily relocated in plants where air is readily available with no wires to hook up.

Explosion proof atmosphere

An inherent feature of an air chain hoist or trolley is that they can be used in explosion proof atmospheres if properly applied and can be equipped with spark resistant features such as:

  • Brass trolley wheels and hooks
  • Stainless steel lifting chain
  • Copper plated bottom hooks and load blocks
  • Brass safety latch
  • Bronze trolley wheels and gears

Low Headroom

Low headroom air hoists are designed to optimize lifting heights when standard equipment does not meet the application needs.

  • Maximum lift can be achieved through the use of a low headroom air chain hoist that places the hook, when in the upper position, as close to the supporting beam as possible.

Food Grade

Clean chain hoist systems are available for a variety of applications including; wash down, pharmaceutical, food/beverage processing, and clean assembly applications.

  • Food Grade Features:
    • Patented oil free motor
    • Nickel plated hoist body
    • Stainless steel chain and hooks
    • Sealed motor and gearbox
    • Filtered or piped exhaust
    • FDA approved white epoxy
    • Food grade lubricants

Clean Room Hoist Brochure

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