1. All orders for equipment manufactured or supplied by CraneWerks, Inc., shall be subject to these conditions of sale.


  1. All orders become effective upon acceptance at the home office of CraneWerks, Inc.


  1. Price quotations by CraneWerks, Inc. are subject to change without notice and expire thirty days from the quoted date. No price quotation is effective unless signed by an authorized associate of  CraneWerks, Inc.  No modification or additional condition either written or oral will be binding upon  CraneWerks, Inc. unless agreed to in writing and signed by an authorized associate of  CraneWerks, Inc.


  1. Payment is made in US funds, unless another currency is agreed upon by both CraneWerks, Inc. and the purchaser in the accepted price quotation.  Unless otherwise negotiated and mutually agreed upon in writing, the following standard terms of payment shall apply:
  • Amounts up to $10,000.00  —–     Net 30 days
  • Amounts between $10,001.00 and $20,000.00    ——   30% down, 30% before shipping, net 30
  • Amounts over $20,000.00   ——-   30% down, 60% before shipping, balance is due at the completion of installation in the case where  CraneWerks, Inc. is contracted to install the system, or net 30 days in the case where  CraneWerks, Inc. is not contracted to install.

CraneWerks reserves the right to charge interest on overdue balances at 14% per annum from the invoice date to the date of payment. In case shipments are delayed by the purchaser, payment shall become due at the time when CraneWerks, Inc. is prepared to make shipment. The purchaser shall be held accountable for any additional costs CraneWerks, Inc. incurred by such a delay, (including storage costs) and those costs shall be paid by the purchaser.  In case of progress payments, the entire purchase price shall become due and payable at the moment the purchaser fails to make any payment as provided. In the event the purchaser defaults on the agreed payment schedule, CraneWerks, Inc. shall be freed of any warranty obligations to the purchaser.


  1. All sales, excise, use or any other taxes, are the responsibility of the purchaser. This includes any taxes with regards to transportation or consumption of said property.


  1. Any orders accepted by CraneWerks, Inc. are not subject to cancellation, except by agreement of both CraneWerks, Inc. and the purchaser. Restocking charges of no less than but not limited to 25% will apply to total order amount.


  1. Shipping dates are approximate. CraneWerks, Inc. will not be liable for delays in manufacture or delivery or failure to manufacture or deliver due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to, labor difficulties, delays of vendors or carriers, fire, governmental actions or material shortages.  In no event shall buyer be entitled to incidental or consequential damages for late performance or failure to perform.


  1. All products are shipped F.O.B. CraneWerks, Inc. plant or warehouse. Title and risk of loss shall pass to buyer upon delivery to the carrier, regardless of who pays the shipping cost. Shipping charges will be on a freight collect basis unless other arrangements are made in advance.  All prepaid shipments will be invoiced at cost plus 10 percent.


  1. If CraneWerks, Inc. is contracted to install the crane system, a separate sheet entitled “Installation Policies” shall be referred to for the pertinent conditions of installation and shall be binding upon the purchaser.


  1. Warranties to do not apply to products shipped outside of the continental US.


  1. Seller’s terms and conditions supersede all others.