Industrial Overhead Crane – A Great Addition for Heavy Lifting and Lasting Performance

An industrial overhead crane, or bridge crane, is a piece of equipment mainly used for material handling and heavy lifting. This type of crane system offers a safe and effective means of moving materials across the shop, while also offering the versatility and adaptability needed in an industrial environment. At CraneWerks, we offer a range of overhead crane systems.

How an Overhead Crane Can Benefit Your Operations

This type of crane is commonly used in an environment such as manufacturing as well as in maintenance jobs where time and efficiency are priorities. This type of crane is recommended for use in where there are low headroom issues that require more space than other shops. Industrial cranes are typically used to handle raw materials, steel, as well as other heavy components that are used in the steel refinement process or for handling large parts in the automotive industry.

An overhead crane system is comprised of three major components, including a bridge crane that runs across the runway, a hoist and trolley that traverses across the bridge while also lifting up and down, and a runway that is attached to the bridge structure. Our overhead cranes are built to sustain a variety of work environments. They are designed to be used for a large range of lifting and hoisting applications and can carry heavier loads to increase productivity.

Overhead cranes also do not require you to clear pathways because the crane can easily maneuver around obstructions. They also offer versatility with the ability to accommodate various below the hook accessories such as spreader bars and can be purchased in manual operation reducing energy costs. In addition to the ease of use, an overhead crane can be rigged and controlled by the operator from a safe distance, reducing the risk of workplace accidents in the event that the lift would fail.

Variety of Crane Systems to Meet Your Applications

An industrial overhead crane can be manufactured and customized to fit a variety of shops and applications. We currently carry top running single and double girder cranes, in manual or motor driven. Our single girder motor driven cranes are great for mold handling and metal storage, while our double girder cranes handle paper rolls and forge operations with ease.

Runway Crane Systems for Safe and Efficient Lifting

Runway crane systems work are compatible with a variety of cranes and utilize an overhead runway to haul material from end of the shop to another. CraneWerks carry a variety of runway systems that can handle heavy loads and can also accommodate more than one overhead crane for maximum efficiency. These types of runway systems are great in utilizing the space your shop has to offer.

Runway Cranes to Meet a Variety of Lifting or Hauling Applications

Bridge cranes, overhead traveling cranes as well as overhead cranes utilize crane runway systems in order to hoist and transport heavy materials. The main component of an overhead traveling crane runway system is a top running bridge crane, that is either single or double girder, designed with the bridge on top of the runway.

This system is best used for a shop or warehouse where maximum use of overhead space is needed. A system like this also works well in an area where the floor lacks obstructions and debris. This type of system requires strong support and strength for this equipment to work safely and properly for peak performance and productivity. Our experts can assess your building and determine whether or not your building has the strength to accommodate this type of system.

Benefits of Runway Crane Systems

These systems are cost effective to install when done by our experts because we are able to cut down on steel costs to build the system by installing and attaching the runway and support columns directly to the existing building’s structure. By building the system into the existing structure, it eliminates the need for some of the steel that is commonly used when producing an overhead crane system.

In addition to being cost effective, a runway crane system is also versatile in how it can accommodate hand geared, push/pull, as well as motorize single girder and  double girder bridge cranes. By being able to handle two separate cranes at a time, this allows the operator to move two different types of loads simultaneously.

This allows your shop to lift double the heavy loads and allows you to increase productivity and movement of goods within the shop. We also offer additions such as load monitoring to ensure your system operates to its full potential, with safety in mind.