Overhead Crane Inspector Training Course

CraneWerks offers semi-annual Overhead Crane Inspector Training courses, one is in the spring and the other is in the fall. 


Top running and Under hung Cranes, Monorails, Electric, Pneumatic, Hand Chain and Lever Hoists are discussed in every detail.

Students will gain competence in evaluating deficiencies and spotting safety related items, while learning to interpret federal regulations, national standards and crane and hoist specifications.

Participants will receive a 280-page workbook filled with photos, charts and references to relevant standards for every inspection item discussed. All attendees will receive a Course Completion Certificate.


Certification is optional and requires passing a fifty question, multiple choice examination. Those successfully completing the exam will receive a laminated “Crane Inspection Certification Card” stating the individual has met the criteria set forth by Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Specification 78, and is certified to inspect cranes and hoists.

Has it been almost 2 years since you were certified? If so it is time to get re-certified. In order to qualify as a re-certification, students must have completed CMCO’s hands-on Overhead Crane & Hoist Inspection Certification training. Re-certification after a 2 year period requires a person to repeat the 3 day Overhead Crane & Hoist Inspection Certification course.

Overhead Crane Inspector Training Highlights

Crane and Hoist Configurations & Applicable Standards

OSHA 1910.179 & 184
ASME B30.2-10-11-16-17-20 & 21
CMAA specification 70, 74 & 78

Crane and Hoist Structures

Marking and construction
Bridge, cab, trolley, runway, tracks, switches, stops & bumpers Wheels, bearings, couplings, shafts, guards
Lever and hand chain hoists, pawl and ratchet, friction brake


Holding brakes / motor brakes (disc and drum)
Control brakes / load brakes (power and mechanical)

Inspection Classifications & Record Keeping Requirements

Every lift, daily, frequently and periodic


Load chain (welded link and roller chain)
Rigging chain (for below the hook devices)
Hand chain

Electric Equipment

Motor, brushes, slip rings and commutators
Resistors, contacts and overloads
Controls (floor, remote and cab)
Limit switches, warning devices, disconnects

Below the hook devices (time permitting)

Friction, structural, vacuum and magnet types
Slings, shackles, bolts
Wire rope, hooks, blocks, sheaves and drums

Load Testing

To get more information on the dates we plan to have the class, please call 1-888-544-2121 for more information.

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