Chain Hoist

The chain hoist is ideal for applications in rough environments and requiring heavy duty equipment. This hoist requires low maintenance and has a load hauling range of 1/4 ton to 20 tons. It can also be outfitted with hand-geared, motorized, and push trolleys for additional applications. The electric chain hoist can be used in clean assembly applications including pharmaceutical and food processing. It has a long-lift application, which allows for work with windmill generators. It has a lifting speed of up to 128 fpm and incorporates a hand brake for steady lifting during windmill maintenance. Additional options available for the electric chain hoists include:

  • Additional lift
  • Radio control
  • VFD (Variable frequency drive)
  • Hoist overload protection
  • Rotary limit switch
  • Manipulator control
  • Bullard or Sue-loc and insulated hooks

Electric Chain Hoist

Food grade options available

  • Clean room electric hoists include stainless steel load chain, lower hooks and bottom blocks, and use special food grade lubricants.
    • Used in pharmaceutical clean rooms and food processing plant.

Low Headroom electric chain hoists available

  • Used where the amount of overhead space is limited
    • Designed with the hooks off-set to the side of the hoist body, resulting in maximum lifting heights.

Long lift applications

  • Windmill maintenance hoists
    • Special trolleys are available when electric chain hoists are used in wind generators, which incorporate a hand brake to keep them in place as the Nacelle is pivoting. Lifting speeds of up to 128 fpm are available

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High duty cycles? No problem!

A foundry in Indiana was spending a lot of time and money  maintaining it’s fleet of air hoists not to mention the downtime they were  experiencing as a result. They had previously only used air hoists because of  the heavy duty cycle of at capacity lifts. CraneWerks introduced the Harrington  electric chain hoist to the foundry and gave them a demo unit to try for 30  days. With the 60 minute duty cycle of a Harrington Hoist the results were not  surprising. The customer began to replace their entire fleet of air hoists with Harrington electric chain hoists and are currently enjoying the low maintenance benefits.

Foundry Case Study

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