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Solnahomi "Sol" Jimenez-Mendoza being awarded the $2,000 2024 Roger Graham Scholarship by Ashley Larochelle of CraneWerks, Inc. in Morristown, IN

What we offer

CraneWerks stands out as your top pick for reliable and long-lasting overhead crane and hoist solutions, delivering material handling options across the nation. Our services are crafted to ensure your compliance with OSHA standards, maintain the optimal performance of your overhead lifting gear, and foster a secure workplace for your staff. From essential OSHA-mandated inspections to proactive maintenance, repairs, and comprehensive employee training, CraneWerks is your trusted partner every step of the way.


In the late 1990s, CraneWerks noticed that the American crane industry was in trouble. Big overseas companies were making huge inroads into the US market by setting up their own sales networks. Their seemingly unlimited resources and capabilities made it increasingly difficult for independent US dealers to stay competitive.

Against that backdrop, CraneWerks was founded in 1997 with a vision: give independent American dealers a chance to compete in their own backyard by giving them the opportunity to say “Yes” to all their customers’ overhead material handling needs.

Giving Back

The actions we take in our lives create lasting reverberations, often enduring beyond our time. Roger Graham, a cherished member of the CraneWerks family for 18 years, was a remarkable and generous individual whose actions and words have left a lasting impact. His legacy continues to resonate with those who had the privilege of knowing or working with him. In honor of his memory, the Roger Graham Scholarship is presented each year to a deserving local high school senior pursuing education in a trade school.