The Benefits of a Free Standing Bridge Crane

A free standing bridge crane does not put weight on the overhead structure of the building. Assembling the crane is straight and it is also easy to relocate.

Expanded Mobility

It is the perfect solution to any circumstances where installing an overhead crane is either too difficult or not practical. The runways on this are normally installed without footers over the floor. Thus, it works amazingly well in structures that feature pre-cast concrete.

Everything is bolted versus being welded. This makes it simple to dismantle and move the bridge crane to an alternate location. Such ease of mobility is a great advantage especially when you are looking to move operations to a new building or different area within the facility.

With a free standing bridge crane, you have the benefit of a low headroom design. This will give you maximum lift, helping you save money and be efficient at once. It is particularly useful in circumstances where overhead crane coverage for a substantial area with unconstrained length is required. Interconnected parallel frameworks will make it feasible to cover the whole building.

Exceptional Ergonomics

This type of crane gives the perfect ergonomic answer for giving complete access of movement and outspreading lifting capacity. It also expands quality, enhances productivity and increases safety in working facilities.

A Multi-Purpose Crane

Because of its ease of use and advantages to make business more efficient, the free standing bridge crane is coming more popular across all industries. It can move a heavy load three times easier than an I-beam crane. As a result, there are less damages during the manufacturing process.

Having this equipment in your facility can replace numerous cranes, enhancing profitability and effectiveness. Call us today and speak to one of our experts on how we can help you.