National Diesel Engine Manufacturer Invests in Safety and Efficiency with CraneWerks

Case Study

The client, a major national manufacturer of diesel engines, needed a below-hook lifting device to safely pick up a fully assembled engine and generator. Oh, and it needed to be battery-powered, too, for mobile operation. That’s no mean feat, but Harriman Material Handling and CraneWerks were more than up to the task.


The customer was a Columbus, Indiana company that manufactures diesel engines for commercial vehicles. They needed a below-hook lifting device to pick up a fully-assembled, 9-ton commercial diesel engine with a 30-liter Fridley diesel generator.

  • Dealer: Harriman Material Handling
  • Designer, Manufacturer, & Installer of the Below-the-Hook Device: CraneWerks
  • Engine Manufacturer: Cummins, Inc.
  • Generator/Power Systems Manufacturer: Fridley Minnesota


CraneWerks provided a custom grab-lifting device – a carefully engineered solution that doesn’t damage the engine or its supporting frame. This fixture is large enough to locate around the engine while providing enough travel to safely close around the entire assembly and lift its nine tons. The device includes a redundant locking mechanism that automatically provides a mechanical lock when in the locked position. An indicator light displays lights to the operator to inform when the fixture is locked and ready to lift. A battery-operated system provides abundant power to operate the fixture’s many moving parts, along with a remote to control operation.


Multiple challenges had to be overcome in this project:

  1. Limited Location: There were limited locations that would allow the fixture to lift the engine assembly safely with no damage to the supporting frame. This fixture needed to be able to locate around a large engine and onto the supporting frame.
  2. Battery-Power Requirement: Fixture needed to be battery-powered, while still providing enough power to operate.


Our customer received a custom, affordable design to safely lift their engine assemblies, one that’s much more efficient and safer than previously-used equipment. Their new CraneWerks fixture perfectly balances the engine assembly while providing a convenient power source for mobile operation.

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