Expert Operator

Expert Operator is a control system that converts pendent commands into expert commands. It then issues the modified commands to motor drives.

Expert Operator virtually eliminates the swing created when moving a load. This type of anti-swing control works with most existing VFD, pendant and radio controls. Programmable VFDs are required on both the bridge and trolley functions.

Because of the anti-swing features the Expert Operator allows for simple, accurate load placement. The operator can now focus on positioning the load and not controlling the swing.

CAMotion’s Expert Operator is unique in the fact that it does not use any sensor in it’s anti-sway technology. There are no encoders or sensors required even with complex rigging or abnormal loads. Expert operator minimizes the load swing no matter what your configuration.

Automated Crane Controls


AutoMove is an automated crane control package that provides precise pick and place controls with the use of Expert Operator for load control.

Hundreds of complex move sequences can be programmed into the systems. The system can be used in either automatic move or manual modes and can be controlled by stationary interfaces or portable pendants.

 AutoMove Provides:

  • Increased operator safety by locating the operator away from the load
  • Increased productivity
  • Accurate load placement (within 1 inch)
  • Decreased maintenance cost and down time caused by stresses inherent in manual operation