CraneWerks Makes a Tailored Box Girder Solution for Reliable Results

CraneWerks Makes a Tailored Box Girder Solution for Reliable Results

Case Study

A customer within the construction industry approached CraneWerks with a unique challenge: they required a custom mono-box girder solution to utilize their preferred hoist for lifting operations. The goal was to find an efficient way to accommodate the required span along with their preferred hoist to ensure it met their specific lifting needs.


Our expert team initiated a comprehensive process to address the customer’s specialized requirements. This began with an on-site evaluation and precise measurements of the existing building. These measurements were then relayed to our Engineering department for a detailed assessment.

Standard rectangular box girders couldn’t be employed due to constraints related to the flange width of the bridge crane. Recognizing this limitation, our Engineering team proposed a custom solution that involved both a unique chain hoist and a modified box girder.

To accommodate the non-standard flange width and ensure compatibility with the trolley system, the bottom flange of the box girder was meticulously tailored, resulting in a distinctive trapezoidal shape. This customized design was critical, given the girder’s significant size and length. By creating this distinct profile, CraneWerks enabled the customer to employ a box girder in a space where it would typically be impractical.


Multiple challenges had to be overcome in this project:

  1. Long Span of the Bridge: The length of the bridge crane within the customer’s facility necessitated a highly tailored solution.
  2. Flange Width: The trolley could not be used due to the width of the bottom flange of the bridge crane.


Our Engineering department determined the most suitable approach to be a non-uniform trapezoidal box girder made to ensure compatibility with the trolley system and enable its use on the bridge crane.

CraneWerks’ commitment to innovation and tailored solutions allowed our customer in the construction industry to efficiently use a custom box girder in a space where it would otherwise be impractical. This project exemplifies our dedication to meeting the unique needs of our clients, delivering efficient solutions, and providing cost-effective results all designed, fabricated, and installed in-house.

Ready to optimize your lifting operations with tailored solutions like our construction industry client? CraneWerks is here to engineer custom lifting solutions that meet your unique needs, even in challenging spaces.

Contact us today for a personalized consultation and quote. Let’s work together to transform your lifting capabilities, enhance efficiency, and boost your bottom line. Don’t let space constraints limit your potential – reach out to CraneWerks now!

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